Happy Hour Adult Bible Study

bible-studyBegins this week!
The Happy Hour Bible Study group meets right after the 5pm Saturday Vigil. We will begin our study of Our Blessed Virgin on September 12th and continue through November 14th. For more information contact Kevie Richardson, raykevie@ windstream.net

The Mystery of God: Who God is and Why He Matters


hqdefaultIn this new six-part film series and study program, Bishop-Elect Robert Barron reaches into the Church’s rich intellectual tradition to explore the meaning of God. Using the insights of St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, and Pope Benedict XVI, Bishop-Elect Barron uncovers a clear and thoughtful understanding of what we mean by “God”. This is a timely study program because in our increasingly secular society there is a growing movement to view Jesus as simply a wise teacher and not the second person of the Holy Trinity: God Incarnate. The program will be offered on Sundays ‘between the Masses’ beginning September 13th and lasting six weeks.